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Just Be Still

Off and on yesterday, I kept hearing "Be Still!" I immediately thought of God's word, "Peace, Be Still" but I couldn't figure out why this was on my mind. I went on about my day. But even when I got home and was preparing to call it a night, I kept hearing "be still".

Today, I got a little razzled, which of course, led to frustration. I didn't know what to do. I tried to make myself busy but ended up just going around in circles. And that's when I remembered...BE STILL!

I sat down, took deep thoughts, gathered my breath, and regained my composure. And all was well again.

Sometimes, we will dismiss a message (or a messenger) because we feel like it doesn't apply or will never apply to us. We are often very quick to brush people/things off because it doesn't fit our current situation or lifestyle. But this was a timely reminder that lessons come in all different forms and can be used at any give time.

Don't be so quick to dismiss what could potentially be of service in the future.


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