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Just Shut Up

So this will be a short but sweet message. Be quiet! That’s it! That’s the message. Be quiet! Sometimes, you just have to keep things to yourself.


I am making a change in my life pretty soon. Not many people know (and it’s for a reason). Out of maybe the 7 people that are aware, 2 immediately gave their opinion and tried to change my plan. And I must say, I was annoyed. I didn’t think, pray, and implement this plan and decision only for

someone else to try to negatively influence me.

Sometimes, you just have to be silent, about your plans, your dreams, your goals, your life! And it’s not out of secrecy but out of peace. Often times, people don’t realize how their opinions can negatively affect your mindset. People, without even thinking, can project their wants and desires onto you and your plans. Don’t let it! And the easiest way to prevent it is to just SHUT UP!

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