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Just Stand Up

So my friend Darius and I were recently in Mexico and if y’all know me, you know I absolutely love the water! Whether it was the beautiful hues of blue on the Cancun beach or the rooftop pool, if it’s warm, I’m getting in. Now for some reason, whenever we go on vacation, Darius feels the need to teach me how to swim. Yes, I am a Pisces and no, I don’t know how to swim. Now, normally, he helps me get comfortable enough to float and kick my legs. Ohhhh but not this time! THIS TIME, he felt the need to get my face in the water. As he’s holding me, I feel him slowly easing away. I was petrified! And y’all, he did it…he let me go and I went under! I thought I saw the white light! In my mind, I telepathically telling my loved ones goodbye. But I could hear his voice say, “Dani, just stand up!” (I was only in 4ft of water 🤣)

Later in the day, I heard it again, “Dani, stand up!” And it acted as a reminder to stand up for myself! Stand up and show up for what I believe in. Stand up for my business. Stand up for what I want and need. Stand up for my goals and dreams.

I encourage you to ask yourself what you need to stand up to and for. Have you been sitting on a gift or an opportunity? Have you been drowning in shallow situations that you simply need to stand up and get yourself out of? Go through this week with a STAND UP attitude and don’t let anyone or anything knock you down!

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