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Keep Going! I Got You!

Keep Going! I Got You!

I was driving home from doing a food review and ended up driving right into one of the worst thunderstorms I've experienced in my life! Now y'all know I already can't see (on a sunny day) so you can imagine how scared I was trying to get home. I kept looking for places to pull over while I was praying but I heard God say, "Keep going, I got you!" It calmed me down some, but I was still a bit nervous. I saw a parking lot that I contemplated parking in, but I heard Gods peak again. This time he said, "I SAID, I GOT YOU!" I remained calm and took my time and kept going. I said, "ok God, I trust you, but would you please ease up this rain and wind for just 10 minutes." Before I knew it, the sun was shining so bright; it was if it had never stormed. All I could say was THANK YOU GOD! Do you really trust that God answers prayers? Or better yet, do you have the faith to know and believe that the prayers will be answered right ON time and not YOUR time? I knew God was going to keep me safe and protect me, but my lack of vision created a doubt in me that wasn't necessary. And even though I couldn't see, God saw and sees all! When we pray, we must also believe. And when we believe, we must also have faith and patience. When God says, "I got you!", He got you! And nobody can and will have my back like God! Have your way, Lord!


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