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Lanes of Loyalty

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Loyalty: A strong feeling of support or allegiance

How many of you use the word loyal or have been loyal to a person or thing? Many are loyal to their spouse. Some are loyal to jobs. Plenty are loyal to friends. The list can go on and on. But what is true loyalty and how do YOU define it when it comes to your relationships, friendships, partnerships, etc? Now before you read too far into it, this post is an inquisitive one. I want open and honest dialect. Can you be loyal to someone who is not loyal to you? If so, how? Can you stand ten toes down for someone who wouldn’t defend you? Can you still be cordial with someone who won’t even talk to you when around other people? How do you allow someone to be in your “Top 5 of Life” when you aren’t even in their top 10? Does loyalty allow you to remain in the presence of petty? These are all questions that need serious answers. At what point does maturity remove you from a false sense of loyalty? Has loyalty allowed you to remain in situations that are no longer beneficial to you? I’ve learned a few things over the past couple of months about TRUE loyalty:

(1) Loyal relationships/friendships aren’t always pretty but they are honest and while they should always be real, they should never be hurtful. (2) Loyalty does not equal being a “YES” person (one that agrees with everything you say and do, knowing you are wrong)

(3) Loyalty is not based upon time. You could be at a job for 20 years and they will let you go in the blink of an eye. Same with relationships and friendships. 4. Loyalty is 24/7. 5. A loyal person will NEVER put you in a position to NOT be loyal.

Take inventory of who and what you are being loyal to. You may not like the outcome but I’m sure it’ll be for your greater good. Remember, everyone can’t drive in the lanes of loyalty. Some will surely get off of exits of backbiting, betrayal, and deceit. Let them! Stay in YOUR lane and be lotal to yourself!


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