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Living a Lens Life

My good friend Terence recently treated me to a Jill Scott concert. I was so surprised because just the week before, I saw an advertisement for her show and thought to myself how I wished I could go. We made our way to the show, took our seats, and waited with anticipation for the show to start. While we waited, an announcement was made that under no circumstances could there be any picture taking or video recording. You could hear sighs echoing throughout the venue. I didn’t care. I was just excited to be there! The lights began to dim and the background singers took the stage. I put my phone away and sat up in my chair, full of joy, because Jilly from Philly was about to make her presence known.

The show started! It was absolutely amazing!!! I cannot put how good this show was and how great it made me feel into words. But I couldn’t help but notice something. The sultry singer had my full and complete attention. Was it because I was mesmerized by the range and tones of her voice? Was it because the melodic beats were vibrating through my bones? Or...or was it because my phone was tucked away in my purse?

I was able to completely enjoy the show because I wasn’t distracted by social media. I wasn’t focused on trying to get the perfect shot of Jill Scott. I didn’t care about finding the perfect lighting for a selfie. Texts, calls, and emails all took a backseat to the sensational sounds that echoed throughout the venue. By being made to put my phone away, in essence, I was forces to enjoy the show.

How often do we go out, whether it’s hanging out with friends, going to dinner, a ball game, a wedding, or a concert, and experience almost the entire event through the lens of a camera/phone? Let me raise my hand because your honor, I am definitely guilty of this! When was the last time you thorough enjoyed an event with YOUR OWN EYES versus through a phone camera? Now don’t get me wrong, I get it! We want to capture the moment. We want to save those memories as best as we can. It’s always nice to have pictures to look back on and remind us of those special moments. But just as important as it is to be able to have those photos and videos it is as equally important to live in that moment! Take a couple of selfies. Snap a few shots. But then put that phone down and LIVE! Live in that moment. Experience that moment with your natural senses instead of a camera lens. I promise you, you won’t forget it and nor will you regret it!


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