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Look...It’s Right In Front of You!

As many of my readers know, I work in what can be a strenuous customer service job. I am required to assist people and provide a service and solution to traveler’s needs. It can be a very rewarding job but it can also be frustrating. Frustrating because in most cases, people will ask for help before even trying to help themselves. Example:

Flight boarding times are printing directly on each traveler’s boarding pass as well as on every information board for the flight. Flight information can also be found online on my company’s app. But like clockwork, someone will walk up to me, while staring at the information screen and form their lips to ask “When is boarding?” I simply turn and look at the same screen they are looking at and with a smirk, read them the time.

Often, we aren’t successful or struggle at things because we can’t see the answer that is right in front of us. We miss opportunities, relationships, and more, seeking for things that are right in our presence. I encourage you to be in the know. Stay focused. Remain humble. Pay attention to that which is right in front of you. Your blessing could be closer than you think!


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