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Love Is In Your Face

Love- a deep intense feeling of deep affection and/or a roman or sexual attachment to someone. In our quest for love, what is it that you look for? What qualities are a must have when searching for a soul mate? Have you made your prayers specific for that husband or wife that you are praying for? Are you prepared to give all of the love that is needed once he/she arrives? Heck, are you ready to receive the love that should be given to you?

What if in your search for love, you are so busy looking, that you miss what’s right in your face? Have you ever “friend zoned” someone, only to realize, once it’s too late, that he/she was the one? Or have you ever overlooked someone because they didn’t quite match your outer appearance requirements? Have you ever stopped and taken the time to evaluate or reevaluate who we are benching and who you are calling to the court? Some bench players just might shoot the scoring shot better than that fine starter you keep letting play. That “best friend” or the one that’s more like a brother/sister would probably make you an excellent spouse. But yet, we let that one small thing keep them on the sidelines.

In the same way we try to open our minds to new things, we should try opening our hearts to new people. Now, I, more than anyone, understand that opening up to people is easier said than done. Trust me! I’ve been hurt to my core! But if I want to be loved, I’m learning that I have to be open to receive it. That soulmate might not come how you expect them to or look like you want them to. (That last statement was for me). But what does his/her heart look like? What does their mind look like? And most importantly, what does their love for you feel like?

Could it be that love is right in your face and you’re looking right over it? Focus on who focuses on you. You might just find what you’ve been look for!


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