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Mac and Cheese.. from Chick-fil-a???

Ok! Ok! I know what you’re thinking...Danielle is going to like anything from Chick-fil-a. And you’re right! But I must admit, I was a bit skeptical when I heard they were serving mac and cheese. Those that have had my cooking can attest to the fact that I make a mean mac and cheese. My taste buds get very nervous when it’s time to taste someone else‘s mac and cheese, ESPECIALLY from a fast food restaurant.

So, here we go. I pull up to the drive through and a very pleasant voice took my order. Because CFA is so concerned about the well being of their customers, she politely asked did I want to substitute my fries for the mac and cheese. Now, had I been at Popeyes, I would have responded in my best ghetto Baltimore accent with a strong “You got me F’d up!” But because I was at the prestige CFA, I graciously responded with a sweet “No thank you. I would like both please.” All within the blink of an eye, my order was taken, paid for, and food was being handed out of the window, with a “my pleasure” and a smile.

Now I couldn’t wait until I got home to try this new mac and cheese so I nicely pulled over, parked, and prepared my taste buds for the unknown. For starters, it smelled amazing and it was piping hot! I dipped my fork in and the cheese was super creamy. I personally like for mine to be of a little thicker consistency but that ok! I put the forkful in my mouth and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised! It is really good! It had a nice flavor that I honestly wasn’t expecting. It didn’t taste like frozen mac and cheese. I will say though, I didn’t get the vibe that has been going around on social media that it’s the best thing since slices bread. It’s like, it was soooo close to being a 10 but there was something keeping it at a strong 8. I just can’t put my finger on it. It was pretty good though!

Will I ever substitute my fries for it? NO! But will I get it again or recommend it someone else? Absolutely!

Great job CFA!!!


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