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Makeup...Art or Sorcery?

Makeup is the use of cosmetic products such as lipstick, foundation, and eye shadows to enhance one's appearance. It is to many, a creative form of art for the face and body. It can be used to hide scars, unwanted flaws, skin diseases, etc. It can also be used for more dramatic use for costumes and character roles. Makeup is a form of self expression. Some people like a little Some like a lot. But when does makeup go too far?

I remember reading an article about a man divorcing his newly wed wife because she looked completely different when she took her makeup off. He never saw her with a bare face until after they said "I Do!" He said he was astonished at the drastic change and the bare faced bride was not who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. So that leaves a question; Was this woman using makeup to enhance her beauty or to hide a beast? When is makeup too much? When is it considered to be deceiving?

I personally LOVE makeup! I love everything about it. I love wearing it. I love the excitement of buying new products. I love receiving it as gifts. I LOVE makeup! Most of my makeup friends use it to enhance what beauty we have already been blessed with. But that doesn't mean we should judge those that use it to completely change their appearance. In a world of photoshop, video editor, and filters, who are we to judge or condemn people for how he/she wears makeup?

Let makeup be and used what it is to YOU! Let it be a form of art. Let it be a form of self expression. Let it be a form of creativity. But whatever you use it for, just remember to BeYOUtiful!!!!


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