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Mommy Weirdest

Meet Ava.

Ava is a 51 year old successful wedding designer in Chicago. She is well known by the most elite of the elite as well as your not so well known patrons. She is a loving mom, devoted wife, and great friend. If you ask just about anyone, she is known as the life of the party. Ava is a proud and prideful woman. Once she has her mind made up on ANYTHING, it's very hard to change it. Ava loves hard. She will protect herself and those close to her at all costs, especially her family.

When it comes to her children, she is one of the toughest mama bears you will ever see. John, her oldest son, is a special one. He is very smart, funny, talented, and can be a bit stand- offish until you get to know him. Ava does not play about this one! John recently ventured out on his own and began exploring the world. He was meeting new people and seeing new places and things. John was starting to live a happy and healthy life that would make most moms proud, right? WRONG!

There was something different about Ava and John's relationship. Anytime John became a little "too adventurous", Ava would find a way to reel him in, whether he wanted to be back under her bosom or not. She made sure to let the world know she was and will always be top dog in his life. And unfortunately, due to his blind loyalty, John would often give up his happiness in an effort to keep mommy dearest happy. Often times, John would cancel plans, change career paths, and even disregard potential lovers in order to quite Ava's temper tantrums.

Now I know you're probably thinking what kind of mother would act this way and treat her son like this. Seems real suspect, right? But the gag is, Ava isn't even John's mother. She's his.....

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