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Ms. Jill Scott...The Golden Girl

You know when a song comes on the radio and you immediately turn it up because even on your worst of days, you know it’s going to make you feel better? The moment I hear “I’m taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf, putting it on my chain, wearing it around my neck” I immediately start smiling, bopping my head, and feeling proud! I don’t know what it is but that song puts me in a mood that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok.

The voice of the incomparable Jill Scott is a mood hunty! From hits like “Long Walk”, to “The Way”, to “Golden”, Jill Scott is a musical maestro! I have always loved Ms. Scott and her music and I knew she could sing. Excuse me...Jill Scott can SANG! But it wasn’t until recently that I had the privilege of attending a live show. Baby! When I tell you she had my emotions all over the place. Her fun free spirit side had me smiling and laughing and clapping my hands, and bopping my head. But within a matter of minutes, her sexy, sassy, sultry side had me hot and horny and trying not to call that ONE that could get it done! (If you know what I mean). And just like that, her pure, vulnerable, and transparent side had me reaching for tissues as tears rolled down my face. Her dynamic voice spoke volumes in soul and R&B, grabbed your attention with some pop rock, and snatched wigs and opened eyes with opera. I was floored!

Jill Scott was discovered by Quest Love. That discovery led to a credited writing collab for Erykah Badu with “You Got Me”. She is also well versed in poetry. She has had her poetry memoir “The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours” published in 2005. She is also a well known actress. She has made tv appearances in shows such as Girlfriends and Law and Order. She also played in Lifetime movie Steel Magnolias as well as big screen movies like Why Did I Get Married series by Tyler Perry.

Jill Scott, singer, songwriter, actress, award winner, mother, the list goes on! I am so thankful my friend Terence took me to my first Jill Scott show because if he hadn’t, I would have never been able to experience the many emotions that she gives that you just can’t get from the radio! Go see her! Like now! And thank me later!


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