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My Name is Danielle and I’ll Be Your Customer Service Agent for this Flight...How to treat your CSA

After thinking, planning, and plotting, it’s finally time to take that much needed vacation. Or maybe your boss comes by and sends you to a meeting at the last minute. Traveling to visit loved ones is always fun! Whatever the reason is, there are a few rules that everyone should follow (or at least try to) when flying. Now, some of these might seem like simple common sense but boy oh boy, I promise you, they aren’t.

As most of you know, I work for a major airline in a large hub. I have seen some of the most ridiculous things and have been asked some of the most unbelievable questions! It honestly makes you question humanity. It’s a wonder my co-workers and I aren’t pure alcoholics considering what we deal with. If you have never flown (or even if you have) here are some simple tips and tricks to make your flying experience a great one.

1. READ! Reading is so fundamental. Start with reading and proof reading your travel reservation. Make sure you have booked the correct flight and you have chosen the correct airport. Also, read your boarding pass. The majority of the questions you stand in line to ask can be found on your boarding pass. Did you know that airports have signs that direct you to locations such as terminals, food courts, baggage claim, etc? All it takes is a little reading to get you to where you’re going?

2. Give yourself time enough wiggle room to make your flight! ANYTHING can happen. Traffic, a flat tire, car issues, and long TSA lines are just a few reasons you could miss your flight. But none of those are the fault of the customer service agent. Act accordingly!

3. A simple greeting can create a whole vibe! Good morning! Hello! Excuse me, may I ask a question? You don’t know how much that sets the tone for your transaction. Try it!

4. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT shove your phone or boarding pass in our face. For one, it’s rude! And two, it is an invasion of our personal space. Which leads me right into the next point.

5. If we are standing behind a gate, podium, desk, etc. DO NOT COME BEHIND IT AND STAND BESIDE US! That is our personal work space. Please do not think you have the right to come in it because you don’t!

6. If you don’t know anything else, know your final destination, the time of your flight, and your flight number. Walking up to a CSA saying “Jacksonville” tells us absolutely nothing, especially when there are several flights a day going to the same destination.

7. Take accountability for yourself!

8. We do not control the weather nor do we have any decision over delays and cancellations! Do not shout and scream at CSA’s over things that are completely out of their control. It will get you absolutely no where!

9. If you see us briskly walking with food in our hands or on our phone, walk on by. We have limited breaks and lunches and try to enjoy every minute of it. Please don’t run up behind u, grabbing us, to find out where the closest Starbucks is.

10. LISTEN TO ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! As tedious as they may seem, they are made for a reason. Half of the flight information is given through announcements. Gate changes are made through announcements. It is not our fault if you weren’t paying attention and missed pertinent information.

Now enjoy your flight and remember...beYOUtiful!


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