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If you are familiar with music and live instruments, you know that the saying “second fiddle” comes from the term “second chair”. To play second chair (second fiddle) means that you, in so many words, are second best. It means that you are good, heck, probably even great, just not quite good or great enough to be number one.

Have you ever worked for a company that never promoted you? No matter how good of an employee you were or how hard you worked, there was always someone else that got the raise and recognition? Or have you been in a relationship in which you were always having to beg for attention? That special someone always had something slightly more important than you. Has there been a time that a friend only called you or invited you out when their other friends were unavailable? Guess my love, were playing second fiddle!

Why do we allow this? Do we really want the attention of someone so bad that we will accept the scraps thrown at us? Are we not worth more than that? And why do people feel that it is ok to treat one another this way? Well no more! Stop allowing people to play you like you’re second fiddle! Stop settling for a piece of someone’s heart. No longer allow these corporations to praise and promote others when you are the face behind the hard work. No more will you play the third wheel in friendships! Be around those who genuinely want to be around you. Be around those that you can learn from. Take joy in those that keep a consistent place in your life! Never, and I do mean NEVER play second fiddle to or for anyone or anything! And rem, always, beYOUtiful!!!


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