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No Matter What...Be Gr8!!!

Lamar Jackson, a 22 year old kid from Pompano Beach, Florida, is now on top of his game as the Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback. Fans and players alike, chant “MVP” as he leaves the field each game because of his outstanding performance each week. The screams and cheers ooze out of the M&T Stadium and can be heard as you drive through downtown. But those very screams, cheers, and chants were quite different while Jackson entered the NFL combine. Critics questioned his ability to be a successful quarterback. Some said he would make out better as a wide receiver. Skeptics said he didn’t have the accuracy of a quarterback. One person even said he was too short and just flat out, didn’t have what it takes.

How many times have people spoke negatively about you; said that you wouldn’t make it or that you just didn’t have what it takes? Has there been a time you reached for a dream, but someone made you fee like it was unattainable? How did you react? How did you respond? Did you give up? Did you question yourself and second guess your dream? Or did you rise to the challenge like Lamar Jackson and be gr8? I use Jackson as an example because so many people spoke bad about him. In interview after interview, commentators and broadcasters gave their opinions on how inadequate Jackson was and how they were certain he’d fail as a quarterback. Oh but now, those same spectators praise him! They can’t say enough good things about him. Lamar let his actions and his athletic ability speak for him. He put in the work. He didn’t give up. And most importantly, he didn’t let the words and opinions of naysayers get into his head.

I encourage you today, to be like Lamar Jackson. Let the haters talk while you are putting in the work to become the best that you can be. Live and work in a manner that the very ones that criticize you will have to eat their words and turn around and sing your praises. And when it happens, be humble and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And remember, no matter what, beYOUtiful and be gr8!!!


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