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Nothing Left for the Imagination

I remember when I was growing up the moment my mother let me start “going out.” It felt like fantastic freedom! I was going to basketball and football games, hanging out with friends, going to the mall, out to eat, and just enjoying my young life! Now of course, it came with just a couple of stipulations. (Y’all know I have an old school black mama, who played and plays no games!) Before I left the house, my homework had to be done, my chores had to be done, and she made sure I was dressed appropriately. I was not leaving that house showing too much butt and absolutely no boobs! I was always taught to “leave some to the imagination”.

Well what happened to our imagination? Did it disappear? Does it just not exist? Because nowadays, class seems to be equivalent to showing ass. In a world of social media, it seems impossible to scroll without seeing large silicone stuffed tits bouncing or cement stuffed booties clapping. And this is what our young girls are watching. This is what, unfortunately, they aspire to be and do.

Is this what our young brothers really look for when looking for a girlfriend or wife? Fellas, are y’all really ok with seeing your women shaking what their mama gave them all over Instagram? I remember the great comedian Martin Lawrence once telling Gina, his tv wife, “I like my women classy, not showing all the assy!” Does this not apply anymore?

I’m not being judgmental. Do YOU! Do whatever makes you feel happy. But remember, do what makes YOU happy, not what you think might make someone else happy or gain some attention. And no matter what you do, always, beYOUtiful!!


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