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Only I Can Stop The Rain

DMX, born Earl Simmons, was an acclaimed rapper an actor who career took off in the late 90's with his debut album "It's Dark and Hell is Hot". Dark Man X starred in films such as Belly, Cradle to the Grave, and Romeo Must Die. He was simply put, an iconic superstar who was loved by many. I know I sure did. I had the biggest crush on him. You could not tell me he wasn't my boyfriend. I remember getting all the feels when I would hear him bark and growl. Not too many men could get away with growling and barking at women and get away with it! LOL But him, he most definitely could!

Like all of us, he had his struggles. His struggle happened to be drugs. I'm sure most of the world knows his story by now and how he got addicted, which is so unfortunate. Even before the addiction began, struggles seemed to plague him even as a child. But he continued to push and perform and make his fans happy. And as a true fan, I can say that is what made me love and admire him even more. The fact that he was battling demons but never seemed to give up. His push and determination was so admirable. You could tell from his poetic prayers that he had a heart for God. He knew whom he belonged to and was not afraid to express it. His prayers often brought crowds to tears. That were heartfelt and sincere, which is why I believe, he was able to fight for as long as he did.

He penned a song titled "The Rain", in which he states:

Now I know only I can stop the rain

I wanna find peace with the Lord

I don't wanna find a beast with the sword

I can't afford to

Now I know only I can stop the rain

When every day of my life

Is a constant fight between wrong and right

Now I know only I can stop the rain

I thank you Lord for my life

Thank you Lord for keepin it loose when things got tight

Now I know only I can stop the rain

Only I can stop the pain

Take what you will from those lyrics but they really spoke to me! He knew his battles. He confronted them many times. He knew only he and God could overcome them. He never hid them. Instead, he used them to try to help others. How many people can honestly say they aren't ashamed of their battles and will actually share them to help and encourage others? Not many! How many people would be able to go through all that he went through, from childhood to adulthood and never give up? Not many!

I salute you DMX! I salute you for your willingness to make others (fans) happy. I salute you for performing and giving your all for people that loved you but could not help you.

I honor you Earl Simmons. I honor you for you perseverance and for your openness. I honor you Mr. Simmons for your fight and your strength.

Rest well Earl, (DMX/Dark Man X) Simmons. Rest well.


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