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Our History is Black...and It’s Beautiful!!!

We represent a rainbow of different hues. From cocoa to almond to caramel...every shade offers a beautiful view. We represent kings and queens! Oh yes, true royalty! And we demand to be treated as such, wherever we may be. The blood in our veins run just like our ancestors did. Running to freedom. Running to live. Tho beaten, misused, mishandled and abused, a vibrant and resilient people we remained. Spit on, ran over, and set ablaze; you could never feel our pain! Yet through it all, birthed were black excellence and pride. We also birthed this country and from the facts, you just can’t hide. We became masters (in the face of masters) at poetry, architecture, music, and sports, medical advances, and physics of all sorts. I am pleased to disappoint you but we are more than what tv wants you to believe. We are intelligent, powerful, mighty, and smart, with and without degrees. Daily, we are followed and often sought after. It has come to an unfortunate reality that it often leads to disaster. Afraid of those who get paid to serve and protect and having to accept that it’s our communities that see the most neglect. But yet! We rise, we fight, and we press towards the mark! We keep going despite set backs and despite getting trapped in a system that fails and derails. We stand strong! We stand proud! We are lifted on the shoulders of those that have come before us. We stand firm on the fight that was fought by our ancestors! We, will soon be, those ancestors and lending our shoulders to generations to follow! Strengthen those shoulders even more. Show the world what we are made of! Remind them, that our black has a wonderful history! Our black, has a gracious presence! Our black, has a promising future! And most importantly, our black, IS BEAUTIFUL!!!


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