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Peep The Perspective

Take a good look at the picture in this post. What do you see? Two people appearing to help each other, right? But look deeper. Imagine the thoughts and feelings going through each of their minds. Picture it:

She knows he is trying to pull her up but is probably wondering why he isn’t reaching further or pulling harder.

He knows she is trying to climb up but is probably wondering why she won’t use both hands or climb up the rock.

Neither of them can see the hinderance the other person is enduring.

Get it?

Sometimes, our frustrations with other people, especially in relationships, come from the lack of understanding of what other people are going through. In addition to that, we often fail to realize that YOUR 100% isn’t everyone’s 100%! And that is one of the biggest pills to swallow when it comes to relationships. I remember dating this guy (who shall remain nameless) a while ago. He was a good guy but we just couldn’t seem to get it together. In his mind, he was giving the relationship his all but I wasn’t. In my mind, I was. I had to keep explaining to him that he was giving everything he had and so was I, BUT, our everything looked different to one another. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last but the friendship did.

I’ve learned that in a lot of cases, if we just take a step back and at least try to put yourself in someone’s shoes, envision what their day might be like, or just have a little patience and compassion for one another, less attitudes and tempers would rise to the surface. Easier said than done. I know!

I have worked in Customer Service my entire working life and I have encountered some pure idiots! But I have also been in the position where I had to be the bigger person and not be so quick to take offense and I have found that normally, when someone is mean or rude, there is an underlying reason. And that reason is not you! Compassion and empathy can truly make or break a person’s day. It’s all about perspective and how you would want to be treated and perceived. Take a moment to talk to someone. Give a friendly smile. Offer a nice compliment. Heck, it’s free and easy! Don’t be so quick to get offended and please be slow to judge. Remember, your ALL might not look like someone else’s ALL. But it doesn’t mean it’s not being given. Be kind to someone. Be a little more loving. Be a little more forgiving. And remember, always, beYOUtiful!!!


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