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Popeyes over Chick-fil-a??? 10 Reasons Why I Think Not!!!

So I’m sure everyone by now has heard of the new chicken sandwich that is causing great debates all across America. Popeyes has created a chicken sandwich that is “supposedly“ better than Chick-fil-a’s signature Chicken Sandwich.

Now to those that truly know me, you know I am a loyal Chick-fil-a patron and my loyalty has, does, and will always be with them. Heck, I even worked there part time in my 30’s. (LOL) Don’t judge me, dinner was free! So, of course, I’m going to always pick Chick-fil-a, no matter who the chain restaurant is up against. But here are 10 reasons why I specifically pick them over Popeyes:

10. Chick-fil-a has never ran out of its most valuable inventory...CHICKEN

9. I’ve never been serenaded to by a crackhead in a Chick-fil-a parking lot (Though one could argue that’s a pro vs a con)

8. I’ve never seen my life flash before my eyes choking from Chick-fil-a bread

7. I can’t even get a “Thank You” from a Popeyes employee. I know I won’t get a “My Pleasure” from them

6. No matter what location I’m at, I’ve yet to see a rodent anywhere near a Chick-fil-a (inside or outside of the restaurant)

5. If my order is wrong, well, that doesn’t happen at Chick-fil-a so moving right along

4. Popeyes ain’t NEVA met me outside to take my order...NEVA!

3. Chick-fil-a is the only restaurant that will not only help me take my food to the car in a thunderstorm, but make sure my family and I don’t get wet, start my car, and tell me to call them and let them know I made it home safely

2. Say it with me, 🗣 “WAFFLE FRIES AND LEMONADE!!!”

1. Prestige service and menu over a fluke here for the moment sandwich


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