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Prayer Specific

I’ve always envisioned a certain lifestyle for myself. And I’m determined to live it. I dream about what I want. I pray for it. In one of my dreams (followed by prayer) I am in this huge, beautiful kitchen, with a long flowing dress (mumu), sipping a glass of wine.

I was at my brother and sister-in-law house fixing myself something to eat. I was freely moving about in their huge, beautiful kitchen. I was relaxed and comfortable (in my house dress). Does this sound familiar? And it hit me…this is what I prayed for!!!! Even after realizing God had yet again answered a prayer, I couldn’t get too excited. I could only laugh. But why? I was living out my prayer but I wasn’t living it in MY HOUSE!

I said “God, you really do have a sense of humor, huh?” Why give me this knowing it’s not really mine?” God said…”YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPECIFIC!” And He is right!

When praying, be very specific in what you ask for! God is listening! Write down exactly what you need and want from God. Write it down to the day, the scent, the color, the address, etc. Work for it. Be grateful for receiving it (even before you get it). And most importantly, be in expectation of receiving that very thing you are asking for! Be specific in your prayers! God is listening!


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