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Problem’s Don’t Have Birthdays

My friend was driving me home the other day and we were stopped at a red light. While waiting, a young man (looked like an older teenager) crossed at the intersection. He seemed to be in so much pain as he crossed the street. But it looked as if he was in emotional or mental pain. So much so, that he seemingly broke down in the middle of the street, causing him to barely make it to the other side.

My heart shattered for him! The anguish in his face made my stomach turn in knots. I shared my sadness to my friend but his response was "that boy is probably in high school; what problems could he have?"

I immediately let him have it! I firmly let him know that problems don't go away with age OR don't start because of a young age. That child could be homeless, experienced being bullied, or may not know where his next meal is coming from. Just because someone is young doesn't mean they are carefree or problem free. People of ALL ages are suffering! Times are hard and some have challenges that otherd don't

Don't let age fool you. Problems are everywhere and everyone has them. Be kind! Lend a helping hand when you can. And most importantly, don't assume! Instead, assist!


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