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Racial Scales and the Law: A Clear and Present Danger

It’s out with the old and in with the new! So long 2020! Hello 2021! Happy New Year!!!! Or is it?

On January 6, 2021, the world watched as the “Proud Boys” and friends storm the Capitol in Washington, DC. These thugs challenged security and made their way into what (we thought) was a safe and secure building. We watched these domestic terrorist bully their way into a building that is on any other day, guarded and not allowed easy access to. And why? Because their leader, your Presi...#45, gave instructions to stand back and stand by (until it was time to act). And yesterday was showtime! We watched as these country bumpkins took pictures with law enforcement while illegally entering the Capitol. We watched as these racist rioters looted a government building, taking and destroying property. We watched as these pitiful peons scathed walls to cross over to an area in which they didn’t belong. (I wonder what 45 thought about THAT wall). But you know what we also watched? Them do it with ease, without being shot, with minimal chemical sprays and agents being used, no attack dogs, close to no deaths.

Just a few months ago, Black Lives Matter protestors peacefully gathered in honor of the many lives that have been wrongfully taken away by law enforcement. People were sitting down, chanting, with no weapons. Yet, the National Guard was called in before they could even begin. They were met with a forceful resistance and was made to leave. Everyday, people of color are being murdered for simple traffic offenses, jogging, shopping, and let us not forget, sleeping. Black people have been killed and/or threatened and detained for entering their own home. Can you imagine the massacre that would have happened if those rioters who took over the Capitol were black? Brutality and bullets would have filled the air!

You simply cannot act like you don’t see the racial divide, differences, and discrimination when it comes to the law You can’t! If it wasn’t evident before, it was definitely evident yesterday. In these United States of America, there is a clear and present’s clear that if you are black, you are in danger. Stay vigilant my black people. All we have is US! Act like it!


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