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Rejoice But Don’t Forget

Sometimes we pray so hard and so long for something that we start to believe it won't happen. After months, even years, of not receiving what we've prayed for, disappointment sets in and before you know it, we've forgotten about the very thing that we once longed for.

And then one day, out of the blue, you realize something in your life has changed. Something unexpected has have received that very thing that you used to pray for! So now, you are living in your prayer. You have walked into your manifestation. Life is what you want it to be.

But did you forget?

Did you forget to say thank you? Did you forget to pay it forward? Did you forget to praise God? Did you forget to look back and learn the lesson in your waiting?

It's easy to rejoice when we have received something you have wanted for so long! That's what you should do! It's perfectly normal. But don't forget to reflect on your situation and circumstances that you were in while you were waiting. Don't forget to share your blessing and even just your testimony with others.

Rejoice but be sure not to forget!

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