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Rice Water..The Hidden Beauty Gem

I was sitting in the breakroom at work one day and one of the ladies was talking about washing her hair with rice water. She said she noticed how healthy her hair was becoming literally weeks after her first use. Now, thankfully, my hair (for the most part) has been pretty healthy but I was curious so I started researching it I found tons of info and all of the benefits of rice water. WHO KNEW??? Apparently, the use of rice water for hair and skin benefits have been around for years! Here’s a list of some of the benefits that I found:

Relieves acne and dermatitis.

Treats damaged, aging skin.

It helps to get rid of the dark age spots and to minimize free radical damages from the environment such as sun rays and aging. ...

Facial cleanser. ...

Softens and makes hair grow healthy. ...

Hair conditioner.

Some people boil the rice and use the water. I let my rice sit in a bowl of water for at least 24 hours (usually longer). For my hair, I shampoo, condition, and then rinse with the rice water. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then do a cool water rinse.

I use it as a toner for my skin. I wash my face with cleanser and then dip a cotton ball in the rice water and apply it all over my face.

There are various ways to use it. I suggest finding what’s best and easiest for you. Try it! Show me your results!


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