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Run Me...My MONEY!!!

Has there ever been a time you wanted something so bad you would do almost anything to get it? Whether it was that fire outfit on display in the store window, those shoes that lifted your bootie just right, or the appliance that you know would give your kitchen a face lift, or even the new eye shadow palette that you know would make you look like the diva you are. We’ve all been there. I know there have been times I put in extra hours at work, or picked up odd jobs to make extra cash just so I can turn my want into a have!

My question, dear readers, is this: When purchasing that item or booking that trip, how often do you ask to get it for free or at a discounted price? You normally don’t, right? Because what would be the point of grinding so hard to get it, if it were going to be handed to you? When you walk in the Chanel store or Nordstroms or Sephora or heck Ruth’s Chris, you don’t ask what you can get for free do you? Nope! So why do it to your friends or small businesses?

Why, as a society, are we so prepared and willing to spend big bucks and support people, brands, and businesses we don’t even know but will look for handouts or try to cheat the small business owner of a friend that’s just starting out? Why not support them like you do everyone else?

It is so irritating to have people think they can come to me for a full face of makeup, FOR FREE, but will go to MAC and pay $50 or more AND be required to make a purchase. It’s irritating, frustrating, and down right rude. People need to realize our products are expensive. Whether you are a MUA, baker, chef, artist, handyman, etc...our products and equipment cost money and our time is valuable!

Please stop asking for freebies and hookups because I am going to quickly tell you “Run Me My MONEY! Please and thank you!” It’s only right! Pay me and every other small business just like you pay the big companies!

Oh, and remember to always beYOUtiful!


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