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Shedding Weight

Hi! I’m Danielle and I am a fluffy, feisty, fierce, and fabulous gal! Now, though I enjoy being everything I just described myself as being, the fluffy part was getting out of control! I had gotten to a weight that was shocking! I remember seeing that number on the scale and becoming sad, which was shocking because regardless of my weight, I’ve always been very confident. But for some reason, that number made me almost want to cry. It was very weird and confusing moment. Why was I sad? Why was I suddenly disappointed in myself? Even as a big girl, I’ve always gone where I wanted, did what I wanted, said what I wanted, and got what I wanted. (Including your man!) Just kidding! But seriously, I’ve never been ashamed of my weight. But that day, something was different.

So yet again, another weight loss journey began. I’ve tried diets numerous times with no results. I’ve gone and purchased all kinds of fruits and veggies and made smoothies to substitute meals but lets be real, I STAYED HUNGRY! I walked miles and sweated out my good damn perm only to lose not one pound! So, I knew this time had to be different. I had a chat with my doctor and we discussed what options were best for me. Cause baby, I had already decided I was going under the knife, ok! And so it starts... the journey!

So boom, first follow up, 10 pounds down! I was ecstatic! Next follow up, only two pounds more. I felt defeated. I was hurt, annoyed, disappointed, and immediately felt the need for a chicken box! But I kept going. That was three months ago and I haven’t been on the scale since BUT I notice a change in my clothes. People would make comments here and there about noticing me losing weight and that made me feel good but I don’t know, something still just felt like I wasn’t doing much. So I start working out with my coworker. He killed me! But, I knew it was for my good.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I went to a Boyz II Men concert, which was AMAZING by the way, and I wore a skirt that I had worn before. But this time, IT WAS TOO BIG! Y’all! I had to pull it up under my boobs so that it would stay up! Small victory but I’ll take it! I felt pretty darn good! But it wasn’t until I looked at my pictures that I really saw a change. And I’m excited y’all! I’m excited about ME again! I’m excited about shopping for clothes again! I’m excited for getting healthy! I’m excited for getting in and out of my car easily! Most importantly, I’m excited to be doing something for ME!

This is MY story! My story is not your story. Live out YOUR story and never stop writing it. Take care of yourself. Do what you need to do for YOU! Love who you are. But never stop making your story better. I’ve always heard this saying (and I actually heard it again today) “You cannot pour from an empty cup!” You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. Get healthy, lose a few pounds, make a few better food choices, leave that toxic relationship, cut ties with anything and anyone that doesn’t push you to be better or tries to hold you down. Drink more water, smell the roses, quit that job that’s stressing you out! Whatever it takes to make your story an exciting, enjoyable, and meaningful one, DO IT and remember to always...beYOUtiful!


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