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Stand Out

My friend and I were walking around the waterfront in Fells Point one day and as I was walking, I was shocked to see a duck standing on the edge of the sidewalk. It really caught me by surprise because all of the other ducks were frolicking around in the water, but this one, just stood still, minding his business, looking as majestic as could be. As people approached it, admiring its beauty, it just stood there, unbothered. I took this picture several weeks ago but looking at it tonight left something in my spirit. It is ok to stand out. It is ok to not be a part of the crowd. Your character and your beauty can be seen and admired just by being you and you alone! You are not required to be like everyone else. Just because you might look like them (family) or have the same social status as them (friends) does not mean you have to be or live in the same pond (environment) as them. Steer clear from those people that try to pull you down in what could possibly be drowning waters. Fly high above it all! Be yourself! Do you! You owe not one soul an explanation! Gracefully, place yourself where you need and want to be and most importantly, beYOUtiful!


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