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Sticks and Stones

I recently had a conversation with someone and it got rather intense. I held my composure but to be completely honest, I was boiling on the inside. I listened attentively because I have learned it is more important to listen to understand than it is to respond. After the conversation was over, I completely understood why the other party felt the way they did. And while I wasn't in agreement with how it was said, I could grasp the feeling behind it.

But then some extra words came out that truly hurt my feelings. And those that know me, know I very seldom let my feelings get hurt. I might get angry, frustrated or disappointed but usually never hurt. But these words HURT! So much so, that I am still hurt and a few weeks have gone by. I have been trying to digest all that was said and truly try to feel why the person feels the way they do but I simply can't. I fully understand that you cannot discredit a person's feelings but you can most definitely shut the theory down with facts.

So here is my question: How do you get over the hurt? Even with all of the listening, understanding, and patience given, how do you act like you are ok (when you really aren't)? Is there some kind of special equation that I am unaware of? I am aware that love and time is supposed to cure and heal all but just how much time are you supposed to allow, especially when you are in the process of healing from other things?

Sticks and stones will definitely break bones but people need to remember that words do to. What are your thoughts? Let's chat!

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