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Stuck and Stagnant or Promised and Planted

Have you ever felt like life was moving all around you but you, you were just standing still? You watch people get new jobs, get married, start families, buy new homes, start new businesses, and then some. But you, you‘re going to the same 9 to 5, eat the same PB&J for lunch, wear the same clothes, and watch the same tv shows...Every Single Day! Nothing new. Nothing exciting. No changes. Everything is the same. You feel like you’re stuck! Life is stagnant. The more you yearn and long for change, the more things stay the same. Frustrating to say the least, right?

But what if, just what if you aren’t stuck? What if life really isn’t all that stagnant? Could it be that you have been planted? Planted to fulfill your promise! What if you are a seed that has been planted in a ground full of fertile soil? Just think about it! Flowers, trees, fruit, and more start as seeds. Seeds get planted in dirt. They are hidden. Unless you are the planter, you wouldn’t even know it’s there. They are stuck in a dark, dirty, and often muddy environment. Sounds sad, I know. Who would want to be a seed? But once it sprouts and begins to grow, think of the beauty the flower radiates! A bed of flowers can greatly improve the look of landscaping. The aroma of a flower can provide a savory scent in a room. Once the fruit seed grows, it can be used to feed and nourish!

But they had to first be planted. They had to be hidden from the human eye before sprouting and growing into its purpose. So, ask yourself, are you stuck and stagnant or have you been promised and planted? Think positively in whatever situation you may be in. Think about how you will feel, how life will be, how you can help others when you begin to sprout and grow! So which one are you? Choose wisely! And remember, to beYOUtiful!


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