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Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Summer 2021…

Many establishments were under restrictions. Thousands of people were working from home. Several cities were still on stages of lockdown. Unfortunately, Covid-19 was still rearing its ugly head. What a bummer summer, right?

WRONG! I had an amazing summer! I was fortunate enough not to get sick, for starters. (Thank God). I got my passport and took my first international trip! And my trip to Cancun was nothing short of amazing! My friend and I walked the beaches of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We ate deep dish pizza in Chicago and hate specialty treats at the Starbucks Reserve. We fought over beignets in New Orleans. We explored the beautiful and historical sights in Savannah. We dined in Houston. And not to mention all of the fun and food that was had locally.

Yes, in spite of everything that was going on around me, I had an amazing summer! I’m so grateful to have been able to experience new things, different foods and cultures with an amazing friend. Thank you Darius! It was a blast!

Summer 2021 owes me nothing!!!


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