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Support...or SHUT UP!!!

I am a firm believer in learning, growing, teaching, investing, and collaborating with those who have like interests, businesses, and goals. I have always felt that there will forever be room to grow in your craft. One should never assume that he/she is so perfect that no improvement or further education or studying will be needed.

I have the pleasure of being surrounded by some very beautiful and talented women that are growing entrepreneurs. Some are makeup artists, some are chefs, some are bakers. Others are publishers, bloggers, and clothing owners. The list goes on! Unfortunately, I often am surrounded by “Negative Nancy’s” and those who find fault in ones that are striving to be and do something greater. And it is ANNOYING!

Here’s the thing: If you don’t like someone’s product, brand, company, or idea, that’s fine. But what’s not acceptable is for you to constantly tear someone or their business down out of your miserable jealousy. Everyone and everything won’t be for you. And that’s ok. But can we applaud the fact that people are out here trying their best to grow? I love to see women, especially my black women, out here grinding and building businesses and brands, so I’m going to support in any way I can! Even if you and I don’t see eye to eye on a personal level, if I can appreciate your hustle, I’m going to support it. PERIOD! Whether it’s purchasing your product, donating to help out, advertising you on my platform, or sharing your social media info, I’m going to support. But if I can’t support or don’t want to support, I’m going to just shut up! I’m not going to gossip about you. I’m not going to tear your product down simply because I don’t like it. I’m not going to try to convince others not to support simply because I don’t.

Too often, I see this happening amongst women and I don’t understand why. What happened to the days of supporting one another? Are we afraid that someone is going to be better than we are? Are we jealous of what others are achieving? Why not take that same energy and do something great for you and your family? Instead of being envious be inspired! And remember, if you can’t or don’t want to support, just SHUT UP! Oh, and remember, to beYOUtiful!!!


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