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Thank God I Found the Good in Goodbye

I received a wonderful blessing. I was happy. I was excited. I was grateful. I thanked God for my blessing as I was able to enjoy it everyday. But suddenly, almost as soon as I received it, I had to say goodbye to it. Now the old Danielle would have gotten angry, sad, and frustrated. But this new and improved Danielle wasn’t. I was at an (almost) eerie peace. I am learning and accepting that some things aren’t for a lifetime. Some are only for a season. And those seasons may be short lived. But the key is to be grateful and learn from each blessing you receive.

When I realized this particular blessing was ending, I immediately began to think of all the positives that happened during that time. I thought about the lessons and experiences God shared with me, and for that, I am extremely grateful! Even as I was releasing this blessing, I prayed. I prayed and thanked God. I showed God I was grateful and am anxiously awaiting God’s next move. Because, “Whoever can be trusted with little things, can also be trusted with much”- Luke 16:10

And God, I am ready for my much!


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