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The 2nd Fiddle

Look at the fiddles in the picture. Both beautiful and in perfect condition but one is in the a case, in the back of the picture while the other one has been removed from its case and brought to the forefront. Why? Why has one been taken from its case and openly displayed while the other is in the background about to be closed in? They both look the same. They both sound the same. So why is the first one being preferred over the second?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what has you playing 2nd fiddle? Who or what keeps you in a case or cage while showcasing and/or entertaining a 1st option? Not getting that promotion at work knowing you are better at the job than the person they gave it to...2nd fiddle. Not getting noticed in sports until the star player gets hurt...2nd fiddle. Getting called to hang out only when there isn’t anyone else available...2nd fiddle.

You are too good and too important to play 2nd fiddle. Don’t let anything or anyone make you feel like a silver medal prize when you are clearly gold! Always, and I do mean always, be the FIRST priority...NOT the second option!


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