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The Beauty of Rain

As most of my readers know, I have suffered with vision problems for a long time! I’ve had surgeries, tried different contacts, experiments, you name it! But it is what it is and I manage. However, the one thing that humbles me is driving at night, especially in the rain!

I was driving home from work tonight and it began to rain. I was scared, nervous, and frustrated. At the first drop, I immediately slowed down. Not only did I slow down but I focused harder on my route. And I began to think…what if the one thing that irritates you or frustrates you is meant to force you to slow down and focus?

What if that job that you hate is meant to teach you gratefulness? Or how about those unruly children that just won’t listen…what if they are meant to teach you patience? Take a different approach to that thing that bothers you the most. Try to find one good aspect about it. Learn from it. Grow from it. And remember, there’s beauty in the rain.


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