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The Beginning and the End...But What About the Middle?

I started DaniGirl Living as a blog to express and share my thoughts, feelings, and daily life experiences. I am not the best at verbally expressing my thoughts and feelings but penning words on paper come second nature. That is part of the reason I will decline your phone call and turn right around and text you "What's up?"

My last blog was about recent emotions and a much needed self check. Even though I started not to share, I decided to post because maybe there is someone else experiencing the same thing and it is my hope that it would uplift and inspire them. On the contrary, I only received positive feedback from one person.

*Now let me make it clear before I go any further... I AM NOT LOOKING FOR APPROVAL ON ANYTHING I POST ON MY BLOG..* However, I was shocked to see how people took such offense to it...until I found out why. They never took the time to read the entire post, which told me a couple of things. (1) The two minute read wasn't worth their time; (2) They took offense to the small snippet that was posted on social media; (3) They don't know me well enough to know the post wasn't meant to be hurtful, even though it came from a someone hurtful place.

Had it been read in its entirety, it (possibly) would have been understood that the blog was more about self observation than anything else. It's just like reading the front page of a book and skipping to the last page only to be left disappointed because you don't understand the ending. When trying a new recipe, do you read the first sentence but skip over all of the required ingredients or do you read the entire thing so that your food comes out correctly? it's funny because it all leads back to the original post...have you done a self check lately? Are you reading the book in its entirety (seeing things through) before making hasty decisions or are you only reading the first and last page?

Think about it!


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