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The Chicken Box... To Mambo Sauce or Not

Ahhhh!!! The lovely chicken box! At work and need to grab a quick lunch? Get a chicken box. Had a long day and don’t feel like cooking? Get a chicken box. Pulled too hard on the oooooweee and now you have the munchies? Get a chicken box! 4 piece wings, with fries, salt, pepper, ketchup, and a half-n-half...simple right? Or is it?

So we had a heated argument, excuse me, friendly discussion, at work one day about how to order a chicken box. Now, the majority (the best of the best people) agreed that it is to be ordered with salt, pepper, and ketchup. But then out of nowhere, we had some left wing stragglers offer their unwanted opinion of having mambo sauce. Before you ask, let me just answer what I know you are thinking: Yes, I have tasted the infamous mambo sauce and no, I was not impressed. Fight me! Suddenly, the room became divided. The mambo munchers started repping their sauce and DC while the spk (salt, pepper, ketchup) kids were shouting why dummies knew what was really good! (You gotta be from Baltimore for that one). But something happened that left a hush over the room for a split second. And immediately after, all became in agreement...against one lonely bystander in the break room. (I’ll leave her nameless for her protection) One single female voice yelled out “I like my chicken boxes with rice!” The way we clowned her! Who the heck eats chicken boxes with rice instead of fries? Silly girl! She should have stayed silent.

But anyhoo! Where you order your chicken box plays an imperative role. If you go somewhere that’s super duper clean and has an A+ health rating, prepare yourself for a tasteless order of food. But if you go somewhere that looks sketchy, possibly has a rat stop by, and a crackhead posted up outside, your tastebuds are in for an orgasmic experience. Don’t debate me!

People think I fell in love with chicken boxes when I moved to Maryland. But what a lot of people don’t know is that I was born and spent most of my early childhood in Baltimore. I was raised off of KK’s chicken boxes on Whitelock St. I ain’t new to this...I’m true to this!

Whether you like your chicken box with mambo sauce or if you like it with salt, pepper, and ketchup, just make sure you enjoy it and yourself and don’t forget to send me one! Eat what makes you happy (in moderation, of course) and remember to beYOUtiful!

This one’s dedicated to you Spencer!


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