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The Cocktail Room

If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area and looking for a nice cocktail, check out The Cocktail Room, located inside Baltimore Spirits Company.

It is in an intimate setting that allows room for a great time with friends or even space to bring your laptop and sip while you work. Different music genres play in the background and will definitely put you in a vibe.

While food isn’t served here, there is another establishment right outside the door, The Wine Collective, that offers a menu to order from, and you can bring the food inside The Cocktail Room.

I selected the It’s Gonna Be Grape cocktail. It’s gin based (which made me hesitant) but it was outstanding! Made from gin, bitters, and grapes, it offered a simple and soothing taste. But be careful, with such a light taste, you’ll find yourself ordering more than you should! Try them out! It’s a cute vibe!

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