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The Dead Battery

So my friend and I were talking the other day and he was telling me about how he lost his car keys and had to use his spare set but when he pressed the button on the key fob, the battery was dead. He said he placed new batteries in both fobs at the same time and even though that one was never used, the batteries still died. i began to think about how those dead batteries were a representation of the unused batteries in our lives. Think about the natural and spiritual gifts we all have that we don’t use and just let die. Think about the objects we have just sitting around the house that we could turn into money or a business or even bless someone else with but instead we just let it collect dust. And think about those friends and family members that we put on the back burner, ignore, talk bad about, or completely forget about until we need them. Are these situations like those dead batteries? What’s going to happen when you reach out or need these things or people and they are now dead (to you)? Love on any and everything that’s needed in your life (whether it be now or in the future). Don’t wait until something or someone no longer has interest, zest, love, or life to need it or want it. For then it will be too late.


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