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The Gift of Escape

Escape: to break free from confinement or control

The alarm clock goes off at sunrise. You get up, meditate, shower, maybe eat, and head out of the door to start the day You come home, spew a few words to the family while scoffing down dinner, so you can try to get a few hours of sleep before doing it all over the next day. The phone keeps ringing. Emails need to be answered. Kids have homework that they need help with. Appointments need to be made. A never ending story, right?

There is an escape button on a computer that allows you to exit a screen or program just by pressing it. Nice feature, wouldn’t you say? But where’s the escape button for life? What feature does one have available to utilize when he/she needs to exit a particular situation?

I am constantly learning that being able to escape is a gift! Having someone to keep the kids for you to take an hour nap is a gift of escape. Being able to check into a hotel for a night for alone time is a gift of escape. Having friends and family to support you and understand you when you’re at your lowest is a gift of escape. Life can be overwhelming! Everyone at some point and time needs to press their escape button. Don’t be afraid to use it. And if you don’t have one, GET ONE! Letting things fester in your spirit and mind can be dangerous. Speak your mind! Ask for what you want. Say what you need. And if you aren’t getting what you need, press that button and ESCAPE!


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