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The Light Switch

How does a light switch work? There’s a current of electricity that flows back and forth to a light. The switch has the power to start and stop the flow of the electricity, thus turning on and off the light. We often take the light switch for granted. We always assume that when we flick the switch, the lights will automatically come on. But what if the bulb has gone out? How often do we think about changing it? We never give a second thought to the bulb until we flick the switch and darkness remains. Heck, half of the time, the bulb is covered and unseen to the eye.

Recently, I experienced my own personal light outage. A different darkness of sorts. I get up day after day, usually tired and groggy, with what feel like the weight if the world on my shoulders. I take a shower, get dressed, and head out to work. I’m usually blasting different genres of music during my commute, which allows me to “turn on my switch” by the time I get to work. Once my switch is in the on position, I’m friendly (for the most part), focused, can handle my problems and listen to yours. I’m talkative, funny, full of jokes, and simply put...Dani! My bulb is working and the switch is ON! But this particular day, I THOUGHT my bulb was working because the switch had been on all day. But when I got home and parked in front of my house, it dawned on me, I didn’t even realize how I got there. I was confused and frustrated. The switch seemed to be on but the bulb was apparently not working! I sat there for about an hour just trying to figure out how I managed through downtown traffic, go to the grocery store, and get home, all while in a daze. My bulb had clearly blown.

Has life and all that comes with it dimmed or blown your bulb? Is your switch on but darkness remains? Or does your switch even work anymore at all? Every now and then, we need to do some type of maintenance to our bulb and switch. Remove anything that might dim your light. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, your light can be your happiness, your joy, your peace, your spirit, your love for others, and moat importantly, your love for yourself! Make sure you are still wired correctly. Make sure your switch is still attached. Check your connection to your higher power. If there is something or someone dimming your light, replace it (or them) and keep it moving. Mental health is so important! It is just as important as physical health. People are going through things every single day and don’t say a word. We are holding things in that need to be discussed. We are internalizing issues that need professional help. Jobs are expecting more and more while offering cheaper pay rates. Bills are stacking up. Friends are flaking. Problems are pressing. Times are just hard. Take care of yourself. Do what needs to be done to keep yourself healthy... mind, body, and spirit. It is ok to be selfish sometimes. It is ok to say NO! It’s perfectly fine to turn everyone and everything off for a while and gain your composure. Take the time to make sure your bulb and your switch are in working order. Do scheduled maintenance just like you would on a car. Do not allow yourself to get to the point where you are just helplessly roaming. Live. On. Purpose! And remember to beYOUtiful!


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