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The Other Side Of Baltimore

“Baltimore is a rat and rodent infested mess where no human being would want to live.” That is how the current president described Baltimore. As disturbing as that was to hear, unfortunately, Baltimore hasn’t been in the news lately for its positivity. True enough, Baltimore’s crime is significantly higher than the NATIONAL rate. Even with having the second largest seaport in the mid Atlantic, 24% of its population still lives below the poverty line of $20k (for a household of 3). There are constant shootings and killings. The police department and local governments are continuously under scrutiny for being corrupt. Schools don’t have proper heating and cooling units. This is what people see and hear about Baltimore.

But, there is a different side of Baltimore. Not all of it is bad. Baltimore is one of the top cities for STEM jobs, it is the leading city for upcoming African American business owners, Baltimore has one of the largest employers, Johns Hopkins, and most importantly, Baltimore is home of the famous CHICKEN BOX!

Now that I am able to drive more, I’ve been able to actually see and notice the city. I’ve included some pictures I was able to capture of Baltimore. Please take a look and enjoy this...Other Side of Baltimore!


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