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The Rear View Mirror

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

If you have ever driven a car or even been in one, you know that there is a rear view mirror that is mounted on the front window. The rear view mirror’s function is to do just what the name implies: give you a view of the rear of your car. This mirror is particularly important because it allows you to determine when it’s safe to switch lanes, when you have enough distance to get in front of a car that you just passed, and it also allows you to see if you are in danger of a vehicle getting too close, causing an accident. You can adjust it to fit your view. Most states will not provide your car with a passing inspection without having a rear view mirror. Driving vehicles without one can prove to be dangerous.

But staring into the rear view mirror for too long can be dangerous as well. I’m sure it’s at this very moment that some of you are thinking how on earth am I telling you a rear view mirror can be dangerous after just telling you how crucial it is when driving. Well, I’ll tell you! If you stare in it too long, your attention is now focused on what’s behind you versus what is in front of you. And that my friend, is EXTREMELY dangerous. It takes away the focus of stopped cars that you may slam into or even pedestrians crossing the street.

I was thinking about how much a rear view mirror can be like life. I think it is imperative to look back (every now and then) to see where we have come from, to learn lessons from past mistakes, and to gain clarity from troubled times. But we cannot leave our focus there! Just a quick glance is enough to give you what you need to turn around and go forward! Focus on what’s in front of you! Too often, we focus on things that don’t do us any good an people that we cannot change. We look for validation from sources that will never give it to us all while passing over the very people and sources that feed life into us. When I started this blog, I was 100% certain that a few people (I’ll leave nameless) would be the first ones reading and sharing every post. There has been only one out of those 5 or six people that have done so. However, there are also people who I thought wouldn’t be giving my blog even an afterthought, who have come up to me to congratulate me on a job well done and speaks very highly of my posts. And for a short moment, even with the positive and kind words I was receiving from the unexpected, I was still disappointed because those that I THOUGHT would be supporting wasn’t. I had to check myself and quickly! Why do we focus so much on those that don’t purchase our products, those that don’t support our brands, those that don’t show up to events, etc.? We must learn to appreciate those that appreciate us. It’s really easy when you think about it. It’s a clear cut way to surround yourself with and manifest growth, positivity, confidence, and all that is needed for a healthy life.

As I close this post, something popped in my head. On some rear view mirrors and side mirrors, there is a statement that reads, “Items in mirror are closer than they seem”. In life, the people who you WANT to be there are there. Trust me! They may not show up to events or support your business but they are definitely in the background, watching and waiting to see what happens. They are close enough for you to see them but won’t come close enough to actually be in the forefront. So stay focused on what’s in front of you. Stay focused on who and what stays focused on you! Celebrate those that celebrate you! By the time those that you WANTED to be there show up, your business, career, brand, ideas, and life will have taken flight and this time, you’ll look in the rear view mirror...and they’ll be gone.


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