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The Relief in Release

Moment of transparency…

There’s a few things that I want in life that I just can’t seem to get. And when I say want, I really mean long for. I pray about them. I meditate about them. I have even cried over the thought of never receiving these few particular things. With that being said, I’ve been realizing that me wanting these certain things so badly, has caused me to start accepting things that I shouldn’t.

A friend said to me the other day, we teach people how to treat us. And boy did it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve allowed things to happen (that I shouldn’t have) simply out of fear...fear of neglect, fear of failure, fear or loneliness, etc. Now that I’m learning that, I’m also learning to release those fears. And with that release, relief is starting to appear. It’s going to sound strange but as much as the relief is needed, it can be tough. Here’s what I mean:

Think of a time where you simply needed to let go of control. You were so used to being in charge or so determined to obtain something that letting go was hard. But once you did (as tough as it was) it brought about a sense of relief. And with that relief comes less stress, less anxiety, and less disappointment. I’m learning to release some of the things that I have been determined to have. I’m learning to not accept just anything or anyone for the simple sake of a quick sense of satisfaction. People have said I’ve been funny acting but in actuality, I’m showing up for myself. I’m releasing for relief. And you should too!

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