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The Ruby Slipper

I went to New Orleans on a little quick dip and of course, the first thing that was on my mind was FOOD! While New Orleans is known for its tasty treats, such as succulent crawfish, poppin po boys, and banging beignet, I wanted something slightly different. So, I made my way to a spot called The Ruby Slipper.

Now when you think of a ruby slipper, you think of happiness, magic, and wishes coming true (as in The Wizard of Oz). So the name alone greeted me with high expectations. When I arrived, there was a line forming out of the door and down the side of the building. I was hungry but had nothing but time so i waited. I was greeted by friendly and prompt staff who strongly suggested I try one of their famous mimosas. I don’t drink, so I passed on the mimosas but there was something else that immediately caught my eye...FRIED CANDIED BACON! You read it correctly...FRIED CANDIED BACON!!! My mouth was now watering! I ordered my brunch which consisted of scrambled eggs, Belgian waffles, hash browns, orange juice, and the FRIED CANDIED BACON! When I tell you I thought I had died and gone to Heaven!

Everything tasted like it had been cooked with love and million dollar cooking utensils. I was in fat girl Heaven! But then I bit into the FRIED CANDIED BACON! I think I must have blacked out because I remember biting a piece, saying “mmmmm”, my eyes rolling back and not remembering anything else. Y’all it was so good! It was sweet yet salty and soft yet crunchy. Crazy, right?

The menu is full of different tasty brunch options that I’m absolutely certain everyone would be happy with. From breakfast items, to lunch items, to special spirits, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Take a look at their online menu and head on down to one of their New Orleans or Florida locations. You won’t regret it!


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