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The Sounds and Vibes of Baltimore Carnival...

I was getting ready for work one day, and suddenly, I could hear and feel the sounds and beats of drums, bongos, and whistle. Along with laughter and chatting. Soon followed by the smells of grilled and barbecue food! I looked out of my window, thinking my neighbor was having a cookout but they weren’t. I thought to myself “Ok, this has to be coming from somewhere!” I got in my car and got to the corner and all of the roads had been blocked off and to my surprise, a full carnival was taking place! I had to beg the officer to let me through the barricade so I wouldn’t be late for work. I was in awe as the thousands of beautiful people walked by in their vibrant colorful costumes while displaying their country’s flag either on their clothing, vehicles, or a huge flag swaying in the breeze. I have been fortunate enough to attend the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!!! Take a look at some of this years Baltimore Carnival I was able to capture!


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