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The Unveiling

He walked right up to her and made it clear he wanted her. No fancy first date, or flirtatious gesture, or even a hearty handshake. From the moment they met, there was an undeniable and irresistible attraction between the two. Within days, their bodies met and boy did they enjoy each other’s company.

Lamar and Desi had a wild friendship. They hung out together, went to work together, shared their hopes and dreams together, and even hinted at a future together. But they also argued and fought. However, it was never enough to keep them apart. After a huge blow up, Lamar and Desi stopped speaking. Desi was hurt but knew not reaching out to him was for the best. Then that one random day, her phone buzzed with an unexpected ring. It was Lamar! He texted her the infamous fuck boy text, “I know I messed up but I miss you!” Desi knew she shouldn’t respond but before she could even exhale, her fingers were tying “I miss you too!” Before you knew it, Lamar was knocking at Desi’s door and later knocking down her walls. It felt like old times! All of the good memories came rushing back as they laid there holding each other while reminiscing. A few days went by and there was no word from Lamar. In an effort not to seem pressed, Desi decided to wait a few more days to reach out. Exactly seven days after they had reconnected, Desi called him. No answer. She texted him. No answer. She finally decided to check Lamar’s social media activity. Desi was stunned! While scrolling through his Facebook page, Desi learned that Lamar was...

Stay tuned for part two!

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