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The Will To Rock On

As I’m sure you’ve seen and heard by now, Will Smith slapped the taste of out Chris Rock’s mouth at the Oscars on live tv. It seemingly stemmed from a joke that Chris made about Jada, Will’s wife.

Some feel like Chris was out of pocket for the joke. Others feel like Will was out of pocket for the hit. Some seemed to even rationalize the chain of events after Will’s acceptance speech, where he talked about protecting his family and loved ones. But here is what I noticed…not many are talking about Chris Rock’s reaction after being hit. No matter how wrong or distasteful you think his joke was, the way he kept his composure was immaculate. To have someone walk up on you, in front of your peers and millions of viewers hit you, and you not react violently or aggressively, says something!

So here’s my question…how do you keep a positive composure and demeanor when life walks up and slaps you out of nowhere? Do you turn angry and aggressive or do you turn the other cheek, keep your composure, and move on with the show? How do you keep it together watching something or someone that has tried to take you out get comforted? Do you have an outlet when life’s issues are starting to boil over? Is there someone that will allow you to release steam when you’ve had enough? Let this be an example to (1) Be careful in your delivery because even when given with a light heart, everyone won’t be accepting of the joke (life) and (2) Don’t let things build up! Find a release valve before you find yourself losing it on a grand stage.

Be blessed loves!

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