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They Don’t Have A CLUE!

I absolutely love the game clue! If you’ve never played it, here are the rules in a quick nutshell:

-The owner of a mansion gets murdered in one of the rooms of the home. The object of the game is to determine WHO killed him, WHERE in the house he was killed, and WHAT was used to kill him. The first person to guess it correctly (by using the clues that are given throughout the game) is the winner. -

It is such an intriguing game! And I must add, I have never been beaten. But I digress. LOL

I was recently playing Clue with my mom and son and out of nowhere, I kept hearing a small voice saying “they don’t have a clue”! Now, at first, I thought it was my inner arrogance talking about my competitors never being able to beat me. But I kept hearing those words, “they don’t have a clue!” It kept resonating in my spirit. I went to bed thinking why this was in my head and it hit me...some people really don’t have a clue and I don’t need to give them one! Everything happening in your life isn’t for everyone to know. Every plan, every move, nor every thought needs to be shared. Everyone doesn’t need to be granted access to your personal space. This includes family and friends. Sometimes, you need to move in silence and if you must share, give only the absolute minimum! During the game, each player gets an opportunity to be given a clue. *Remember, the clues help to determine who did it, where, and with what weapon* You have the option of giving the same clue each time or a different one. But if you opt to give a different clue each time, it becomes easier for the other players to know what’s in (or not in) your hand. Just like life! If you tell too much, it can set your opponents up for a win against you. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are plotting against you and are watching your every move. So don’t give them more ammunition by showing and telling your hand! Another reason why you must be cautious of being too revealing is that nowadays, the one preying on your downfall are people you least expect! In the game Clue, the suspects (players) were all invited to this man’s house. He knew them! Yet one killed him! Be careful of who you let into your space; your personal, physical, spiritual, and mental space!

Sometimes it’s best to plan and move quietly. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything! Yes, some people pray for you but be mindful that others are PREYING on you! (Read that again). Your life is just that; YOUR LIFE! Learn from your losses in private so that you can celebrate your victories in public! The world will be in awe and your haters will be stunned...all because, they didn’t have a clue!


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