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They Fighting! They Fighting!

They Fighting!

The other night, I was awakened out of my sleep by people shouting, screaming, and yelling at each other. I looked out of my window to see people across the street on their porch yelling at people on my side of the street on their porch. They were fussing and threatening to get physical with each other. I thought for sure I was about to witness a fight! After about an hour, they finally stopped arguing and went in their houses. At this point, I was annoyed because (1) I had to go to work, (2) They woke me up, and (3) I still didn't see a fight.

As I laid in my bed, I wondered why they didn't just get off the porch and go ahead and fight. Why did they just stay on their porches? And it led me to this thought; what keeps us on our porches? Here's what I mean...

So many of us have dreams, goals, and aspirations that are just lingering in the air, making their way to the clouds. But instead of going after them, we tend to just stay on the porch and talk about them. What is it that keeps you from going after your dreams, especially the ones that you are super passionate about? How do we continue to allow our hopes and desires park right in front of our homes, and not jump off the porch to go get it? Why are we fighting what we are trying to become?

We must venture on the other side of fear. Success lives there. Greatness lives there. Happiness lives there. Taking a leap of faith can be scary but it's necessary. You will never know just how great you can be if you continue to stay on the porch!

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